Consumer laws

Consumer laws Laws that protect you when buying from, or sharing your information with, businesses selling in New Zealand, including online retailers. It’s always a good idea to know a little bit about the law, particularly when buying goods and services. ​​Consumer Guarantees Act ​Your consumer rights if there’s a problem with a product or …

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Free Money

Are you on track to get $521 from the government? Wouldn’t it be great to get an extra $521 into your KiwiSaver? That’s how much you stand to gain from paying enough into your KiwiSaver account to gain the full government contribution each year. How does it work? Put a dollar into KiwiSaver and the …

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Customer Service

We’re BIG on Customer Service and one thing we love is feedback and we get a lot of it.  Every month we receive hundreds of loan applications and many messages of thanks and appreciation.

Loan Questions

Do you have any Questions? We’ve got a fairly comprehensive FAQ’s page that can answer just about anything in relation to our loans and service. In summary, you can find the answers to the following: Applications What happens once I have completed the Application? You have approved my loan, what happens now? What happens once …

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Keeping Stress in Check

Tips for keeping stress in check Feeling stressed? If so, you can blame evolution — at least in part. “In the old days, humans used to live with these very immediate threats,” says Patricia Normand, MD, a psychiatrist at the Rush University Medical Center. “If a saber-toothed tiger was coming at you, you needed to …

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Nutrition 101: Good eating for good health Turn on your TV, open a newspaper, or boot up your computer and you’re bound to get some confusing news about diet and health. Don’t let it drive you to distraction — or to the cheesecake shop. Instead, remember four key facts: What you eat affects your appearance, your …

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