Fees and Interest Rates

Your Loan Consultant will help to arrange a loan option for you based on your needs & goals. The rates & fees applicable are based on multiple factors which we will cover below:

  1. Interest rates start from 9.95%, these are set by the loan provider when they approve the application.
  2. It is free to complete an application. A fee to use our service is only applicable when you enter into a loan arranged by us. This fee is up to 5% of the loan amount plus $245, to a maximum of $995 for unsecured loans (GST exclusive). For secured loans the calculation is the same, but the maximum fee is $1995 (GST exclusive)
  3. The fee will be notified to you before you enter into a loan. This fee can be added to the new loan that is being arranged, or paid directly to us before the funds are advanced.

Other websites that can assist you with borrowing money:

If you have any queries with regards to the above, please contact us on 0800 255 155 or email enquiries@loansmart.co.nz.