Special Occasions

Some help to celebrate life’s moments

Special occasions can become even better with a little help from Auckland Loans.

Planning for those special occasions and events such as a family reunion, wedding, anniversary or significant birthday celebration is an exciting time. Finding the perfect wedding dress, an anniversary present you know your partner will love, or securing an ideal venue can make all the planning and organisation worth it.

However sometimes, no matter how organised we are or how detailed the plans, unexpected expenses can arise and take us by surprise. With a special occasion loan from Auckland Loans, you can help keep everything on track and make your dreams a reality.

Special Occasions Finance – Apply Online

With competitive interest rates, flexible terms and payments to suit your pocket an Auckland Loans Special Occasion personal loan can help see you right whatever you’re faced with.

To make your special occasion happen – all you have to do is apply online.

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Quick Questions

How much will the interest rate be?

That all depends on your overall circumstances, if you’ve got good credit your rate will be lower than someone with good credit for example.

Is this fully online?

The online application process is, but of course, a human does get involved at our end, call us old-fashioned. You’ll be assigned your very own consultant who will go through your loan application with you and obtain your ID and other information. You can also email your recent bank statements if you have them, alternatively, we can send you a link to download and send your statements directly to us.

Who will see my application?

We treat your application confidentially and the only people who will see your application will be your Auckland Loans Consultant, their Manager and any Finance Company that we send it to. All applications that do not proceed are securely destroyed.

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