Caravan Loan Options

Vehicle & Caravan Loan Options

We can finance you with a caravan loan, we do caravan loans New Zealand wide for all types of recreational vehicles that also include RVs, motor homes and camper trailers.

So if you want a better outdoor living camping experience, a caravan loan from Auckland Loans might just do the trick.

In fact you could live in yours, this is becoming popular with the ever increasing cost of housing in New Zealand.  Or you could set the ‘teenager’ up out on the back yard, so they have their ‘independence’.  In fact we did a loan recently for a husband and wife team who wanted a ‘cheaper’ alternative for a new room on their property separate from the home to act as an office for a start-up business.  The bonus is they can hitch it up on the tow-bar and take it camping too.

So whatever your individual requirements, our process ensures that if you have clean credit, this can be done in as little as an hour.  Bad credit is usually okay too, just requires a little more work at our end to try and secure you the finance.

Securing finance with one of our caravan loans before you go looking for one ensures you’ll get a better deal with the seller – cash in hand talks a lot as you know.

What will it cost?

If you are looking for a fast solution to get your caravan loan approved, backed by a team that will do everything to help you secure the fiance, then Auckland Loans is your lending partner. ​Use our simple loan repayment calculator to find out what your repayments could be.


If you already have a caravan loan or other vehicle loan which you feel you’re paying too much, give us a call and we can have a look to see if there’s any room for savings. Our familiarity with financiers early settlement fees mean we can accommodate for just about every cost in a refinance – not just the potential interest savings.  Talk to us today.

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