New Zealand Loans – Nationwide

Nationwide – New Zealand Loans

We don’t just look after Aucklanders, we provide loans to people all over New Zealand, we’re a true nationwide service.

With our online application form, you can apply for a personal loan in less than five minutes.  Any supporting documentation can be emailed to us in PDF format (even fax).  So apply online and be one of the hundreds of people we will help out this month.

Auckland Loans, providing loans Nationwide for all people in New Zealand.


NZ Finance

  • Vehicle finance
  • Emergency loans
  • Bond and moving house loans
  • Funeral contributions
  • Home improvements and DIY loans
  • Money to help out a friend or family member
  • Small business top-ups
  • Education loans for courses
  • Holiday time out loans
  • Debt consolidation loans – Very Popular!!!
  • Wedding finance
  • etc

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