Vehicle Finance Loans

Cars & Vehicle Finance Loans

So you need a car, but the finances are a bit low – well that’s where we come in, we do a lot of Vehicle Finance around Auckland and throughout the country.

Shop like a cash buyer. Get conditionally approved, so you know in advance how much you can afford to spend. When you find the vehicle that suits you and the sale is complete, we can help you pay the seller direct.

Benefits of an Auckland Loans, Car or Vehicle Finance Loans

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Up to 100% finance for new and used cars
  • Same day approvals available for applications made during business hours, Monday to Friday – if you’ve supplied all the information we’ve asked for.
  • Simple online application process
  • Flexible loan terms up to 5 years
  • Really simple – unlike credit card bills, you’ll know how much you need to repay and when.

We have a range of interest rates and the actual rate charged will depend on factors including the amount of money borrowed, the term of the loan, size of deposit if any and credit history. Find out more about our rates and fees.

So to get in a new set of wheels this week, all you have to do is apply online in less than five minutes and we’ll contact you.


Get in the driver’s seat now!

Apply now for one of our car or vehicle finance loans today.

Unsecured personal loans
If you qualify for an unsecured loan with us, you do not need to provide any collateral or security for a loan. Typically, this means that the amount you can borrow is less and the interest rate charged is slighter higher than a secured loan.

Secured personal loans
A secured loan is where you provide security for the loan, like a vehicle. Doing this helps you to borrow a larger amount and reduce the interest rate.

Our current interest rates range from 13.95% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) to a maximum APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 29.95%. The rate offered will depend upon your credit history, security offered and your overall credit profile, all rates are fixed for the term of the agreement.

A typical* example of a $3,000 loan through Auckland Loans would be as follows:

Loan Amount $3,000
Establishment Fee $295
Weekly Admin Fee $3.46
Payments over 24 months @ 13.95%, $39 per week
Total cost payable over 24 Months $4154.88

*We do not offer short term loans, all Auckland Loans loans are for terms of six months to five years.

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