Personal Loans for anything…

Anything You Want 🙂

With an Auckland Loans, personal loan just about anything is within your reach.

It might be a new set of wheels, a family holiday, dental bill, vet bill, home renovations, urgent repairs … whatever you need, we can help. With competitive interest rates, flexible terms and payments to suit your budget. You can choose from secured and unsecured loans at an affordable interest rate.

Most applications are processed the same day (Monday to Friday) with many being paid to a bank account within hours.  Apply on a weekend and your application will be processed first thing Monday morning.

Grab a personal loan for:

  • a vehicle purchase (car loans our specialty)
  • holiday loans
  • debt consolidation
  • dental loans – smile 🙂
  • vet bills
  • home renovations
  • home mortgages
  • car repairs
  • etc

Apply online in less than five minutes:

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Unsecured personal loans
If you qualify for an unsecured loan with us, you do not need to provide any collateral or security for a loan. Typically, this means that the amount you can borrow is less and the interest rate charged is slighter higher than a secured loan.

Secured personal loans
A secured loan is where you provide security for the loan, like a vehicle. Doing this helps you to borrow a larger amount and reduce the interest rate.

Our current interest rates range from 13.95% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) to a maximum APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 29.95%. The rate offered will depend upon your credit history, security offered and your overall credit profile, all rates are fixed for the term of the agreement.

A typical* example of a $3,000 loan through Auckland Loans would be as follows:

Loan Amount $3,000
Establishment Fee $295
Weekly Admin Fee $3.46
Payments over 24 months @ 13.95%, $39 per week
Total cost payable over 24 Months $4154.88

*We do not offer short term loans, all Auckland Loans loans are for terms of six months to five years.

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