Fun in the Sun – BBQ?

It’s BBQ Season

Yep, it’s still BBQ season all right, so how’s yours looking and the outdoor living space around the home?

Is it time for a new one and maybe a new deck?

We’ve got Home Improvement finance available right now for those essentials to make your summer even better.

Apply online in around 5 minutes and in no time at all you’ll have your mates over to check out your gear.

Apply Today!

So what are you waiting for, apply today – following receipt of your application, we can normally approve your loan within just a few hours. The money could be in your account overnight, so you’ll be able to get down to the BBQ shop, then head over to the timber yard for the decking.

Of course, there may be other improvements around the home you’ve been thinking of, like:

  • Spa pool
  • Replace the fence
  • Pave/concrete the driveway
  • Kitchen/bathroom upgrade
  • Man cave development
  • New garage or shed
  • Create an extra room, like an outdoor office
  • Pergola/awnings
  • etc

It all adds value to your property so enhancing the property is a good investment.

With a BBQ Fun in the Sun Loan from Auckland Loans, we’ll see you right.


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