The long weekend is almost over – phew

It’s been a cracker as our friends over the ditch would say – but for a lot of Kiwi’s, going back to work tomorrow isn’t going to solve immediate financial problems.

How is your budget looking at the moment? Why not take a good look at them this evening and work out if a cash injection will solve some short-term issues.

Something unexpected happened?

Our emergency finance loans will sort it!

We have emergency finance loans for those events that weren’t planned for.

  • funeral costs
  • vet bills
  • dental bills
  • car repair bills
  • flat bonds
  • etc

General Personal Lending

What do you need some finance for?

In addition to the above, below are other things we finance:

  • weddings
  • vehicle loans
  • student loans
  • home improvements
  • property loans (mortgage financing)
  • medical expenses
  • holiday loans
  • moving/relocating loans
  • funerals
  • IRD tax debts
  • paying back friends/family loans
  • pet bills
  • small business funding
  • special occasions

And of course our favourite, debt consolidation loans – a must when you want one easy to manage payment each month.

Whatever you need, we’re here to help – apply online and let’s see what we can do for you!

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Sunday Finance Options
Sunday Finance Options