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It’s certainly not a topic any of us want to contemplate – but death eventually comes to us all.

With any family, there will come a time when we either have to pay for our own or contribute towards a loved ones passing.

Often we are expected from other family members to contribute to the funeral costs, which today can be very expensive.

Funeral funding from Auckland Loans can help to alleviate some of the financial burden during such a sad time.

With our Funeral Funding Loans, we’ve helped many people over the years contribute towards a family members passing.

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Funeral Funding Loans
Funeral Funding Loans

What can a funeral cost?

Here’s an excerpt from a top funeral home in New Zealand – the cost of funeral funding can be expensive for sure.

Professional Service Fee

A professional service fee is made of the services we provide to you. This includes but is not limited to, meeting with your family or representative, liaising with external providers and coordinating service requirements, directing the funeral, registration of the death, administration and management review and 24-hour service, and personal attendance. From $3,429

Mortuary Fee

Our mortuary fee is for the care of the deceased, it includes all associated costs with this part of our services. From $850

Cremation Fee

We are in the fortunate position to provide care for your family member through the entire funeral process. This includes access to our own crematorium, which means your loved one never needs to leave our care. Our cremations include a temporary wood urn, which can be used until you decide what you would like to do with the ashes. $799

Transfer Fees

A transfer refers to the movement of your family member, from the place where the death has occurred to a funeral home and or any other movements required. From $259

Hearse Fee

Choosing the hearse that fit’s your family best is important to us, it’s important to know that all our hearses are charged out at the same cost. From $485

Doctors Fee

Every doctor’s fee can vary, it’s important to know that we do not charge extra costs for the doctor’s services. Approx $180

Medical Referee Fee

A medical referee is required to sign off on the cause of death as stipulated by the doctor. $40

Death Certificate

Births, Death and Marriages issue and charge for the Certified Copy of a Certificate. Original copy $33

Celebrants & Clergy

Whether arranged by us or your own celebrant, there is a fee for their services. In the case of clergy associated with a church parish, it is usual to offer a gratuity for services provided. Celebrants form $500 – $575 (the latter if GST registered). A suggested gratuity for a priest or minister is $300 although it is the families decision.

Death Notices

Death notices are charged on a per line basis – NZ Herald from $7.90 per line

Photo Tribute

Over time, funerals have started to embrace technology, photo tributes are now common at funerals and are a beautiful way to remember your family member from $299


The world has truly become a small place. We realise you might have family members living overseas and are unable to attend the funeral service. Most of our chapels are equipped with live streaming equipment, allowing people to watch the funeral live from anywhere in the world. From $299


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