24/7 Cash Loans NZ — We’re Open 24 hours, 7 Days a week

Open 24 hours, 7 days

Our website www.aucklandloans.co.nz is open 24 hours every day, all day, seven days a week, because we know emergencies do not come announced. 

So anytime you need to apply for finance to purchase a new car, go on a holiday, consolidate your debts, or whatever, we’re here for you.

On top of that, our online loan application takes less than five minutes. You do not need to go through a ton of paperwork like you on traditional loans. We’ve made the process easy for you and ourselves. Only the required, no BS!



24/7 Finance for Anything

Here At Auckland Loans, we ensure that you’re backed up with cash for any emergencies you might face. Where and how you spend the money, is up to you—you get to decide.
Buying a car? Cool! Getting married? Awesome! Getting the house fixed? Go Ahead! We do not impose strict rules as the banks or many other lenders will do.
Our job is to review your application and have a conversation with you to discuss things. Once you’re qualified for the loan, the money will be deposited into your bank account and you’re free to spend it for your cause.You can get a loan for—

And so many other things as well. 24/7 Cash Loans in NZ for any of your needs!

Need an Emergency Weekend Loan? Done!

So much can happen over a weekend, right? You could get into deep trouble and no bank, unfortunately, can back you up—they’re closed. The same goes for so many other financial institutions.
It’s not their fault, it’s just how the system works.
Now somebody has to come to the rescue, and we’re that somebody. We understand that weekends are not always pleasing and relaxing, but stressful at times as well, when you get into trouble.
Since banks and other conventional financial institutions can’t help you out due to the limitations, we’ll cover you.
Our system (of receiving applications) keeps running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all day for 365 days a year. So if your weekend gets stressful, we’re here to ease things for you. Reach us out whenever you feel like, doesn’t matter if it’s a lazy Sunday morning or 3 am at night—we’re here for you.
Once you fill-up the application form through our website, we’ll get back to you as early as possible.

It’s Online & Instant

Making things even better, it’s completely online and is super easy to apply for your loan. It’s a really simple form, where you put in little details like your first and last name, phone, email etcetera and the amount you need—that’s all.
Upon your application, you’ll be contacted by us and we’ll have a conversation where we’ll explain everything, discuss your financial profile (don’t worry, we’re flexible) and clarify the terms.
If everything sounds good to both parties, cash will be deposited to your account promptly.
With Auckland Loans, you don’t need to take one step out of your house to avail a loan—it’s a one of a kind fully online loan with instant approval in NZ.

Low-Interest Rates & Easy Terms

With all these amazing conveniences, you might be worried about the terms and interest-rates. To keep your bubble intact, we’re happy to let you know that our interest rates start from as low as 8.95%.
And we’re way more flexible in terms of your credit profile than banks or other financial institutions. Our terms are designed keeping both parties’ interests and conveniences in mind we’re hopeful that it won’t be a deal breaker for any

About Auckland Loans

We are a responsible and reliable lender who makes every aspect of your loan a transparent process so there are no surprises. There are no hidden fees and our quick cash loans have fixed interest rates so you will have certainty and peace of mind throughout the period of your loan and any subsequent loan.

Auckland Loans and our parent company Loansmart is 100% New Zealand owned and operated – we’ve been helping thousands of Kiwis for over 10 years.  No matter where you are in the country we can assist you to get back on track, get ahead and get sorted.  Our online application process for quick cash loans is fast and efficient with your security in mind.

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