Tough Living in Auckland

Higher Costs

It can be fairly tough living in Auckland with the higher costs to live in the city compared to the rest of the country.

Auckland is an extremely expensive place to live compared to the rest of New Zealand. An average 3-bedroom home at the moment with 1 bathroom has a weekly rent of NZD $550.

If you live in our wonderful city and are finding it a bit tough at the moment, talk to us about a personal loan. We can help you catch up on your expenses, buy a new car, pay for moving costs and bond etc.



Auckland is the second most expensive city in the world to relocate to, according to a global study.

The study, conducted by furnished apartment search engine Nestpick, looked into the initial costs involved with relocating to 80 of the most in-demand cities around the globe.

Costs weighed up included Visa fees, rent, internet, phone, food, and transport for the first month of relocation.

The data found that a move to Auckland would cost $5,713.68 for the first month, second only to Dubai ($6,068.64).

All up, moving home can be quite an expensive exercise, so that’s where our Moving Expenses Loans come in, and they are easy to apply for online.

The Good News

A Big Mac won’t set you back too much compared to the rest of the world.

The kiwis’ price their Big Mac at $0.82 less than the United States for example.

Other Finance vailable

  • Emergency loan, dental/vet bills
  • New car, motorcycle, scooter – or other transport
  • Debt consolidation loans (our specialty)
  • Holiday, honeymoon or wedding coming up
  • Education loans for better employment opportunities
  • Home Improvements and DIY jobs around the home
  • Funeral expenses, when you need to contribute
  • None of our business finance…  That’s right, as long as you can pay the loan back, we don’t really need to know what you need the cash for, i.e. a cosmetic procedure for example, well that’s kind of private for sure 🙂

Apply Today – our online loan application seriously takes less than five minutes.


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