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Higher Education Pays

There are a lot of good reasons why getting some higher education pays off.

Earning a degree or completing a course is an important step for many people.

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Gaining higher education can open many opportunities in life. It prepares you, both intellectually and socially, for your career and furthers your adult life. The benefits of higher education include career opportunities like better paying and higher-skilled jobs, but studies have shown that it also leads to overall happiness and stability.

Many people know that they want to achieve more through education, but don’t know exactly why, or how it will enrich their lives. Below are some of the many benefits of getting some higher education.

1. Make a Lot More Money
For most people, the ability to earn more money is the driving force behind furthering their education.

2. Benefits for You and Your Family
Obviously, higher income is a primary benefit for furthering your education.  But there are other benefits with better-paying jobs such as health care, retirement investment, travel, and other perks. These types of benefits are rarely offered for high-school-level jobs.

Part of the reason employment benefits is so important is because they offer stability for your family, especially in the case of health care. They are called benefits, but in reality, they are a vital part of anyone’s salary. In some cases, the value of benefits even exceeds an employee’s take-home pay.

3. Better Advancing Career Opportunities
Gaining higher education is the most common pathway to a better career.

Most of us know we want to have a better job-not only one that will pay more, but one in which we’re more satisfied and which is secure. That combination of benefits is why so many people make the investment of time and money in doing courses, attending polytechnic or gaining a degree.

It’s not necessarily what you study either, but the fact that you studied something at all. Aside from training you in an expert field, higher education trains you to think analytically, understand complex subjects and communicate your own critical ideas about them. It also instills crucial skills like organisation, self-discipline and the ability to complete tasks from start to finish. In other words, improving your overall skills helps develop you into a more professional individual.

4. Job Security and Satisfaction
Being one who has invested in higher education also ensures you have better job security.  The people who suffer the most from job cuts and downsizing are lower level employees who only have high school diplomas. There are no guarantees, but if you have a college degree or other recognised education merits under your belt, you will be less likely to be laid off and suffer long-term unemployment.

It is also more likely that you will enjoy your job. All the factors listed above with higher income, employment benefits, and advancement opportunities-lead to better job satisfaction. Selecting paths that interest you and studying in those fields also gives you more freedom to pursue a career that interests you, maybe even inspires you.

5. An Investment in Your Future
Attending a higher education facility is a major commitment of time and money, but it is also a down payment for success. Earning your diploma or degree will help you realise your goals in your career as well as life in general. It requires a lot of hard work, but that work prepares you for a challenging and rewarding career and more fruitful life.

6. Networking
It’s quite easy to think of the benefits of higher education in terms of future earnings and promotion opportunities. However, what’s spoken of less frequently is the role that networking can play in these opportunities. People often get jobs based on recommendations made by my friends, while in other cases, having a professional network can help people learn about upcoming job opportunities before others do. The truth is that creating a professional network can mean the difference between finding a job or getting a promotion, and those networks start forming in places where like-minded individuals meet and study.

7. Higher Likeliness of High-Quality Benefits
As the economy improves, companies find it harder and harder to attract top talent. The reason why is that, as the economy improves, businesses need to hire more. That puts better-qualified employees in higher demand. In turn, these employees are more easily to say no to one company in favour of another, i.e. you have more choices.

Whichever educational path students or adults returning to higher education choose to pursue, one thing is clear, they must be better prepared to face an increasingly competitive job market and turn their college education into a winning proposition.

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