Did the Bank say no?

Fortunately, we’re Not a Bank

Often honest hardworking people don’t fit the bank criteria or what you could say is their perfect little ‘client’ model.

The average bank today isn’t really there to help out unless you own property or earn stacks of money, sadly, they are still stuck in the past.  Besides, if you earned a pile of money you probably wouldn’t need a personal loan now, would you?

Here at Auckland Loans, we know the average person is just trying to get ahead and build a better future for themselves.  This could be you, and so, if the bank, and their ‘bank criteria’ said no to your personal loan needs, talk to us to help get you to the next step in life.

As we’re not a bank in any way shape or form, and we don’t have the strict ‘bank criteria’ they have.  We actually take the time to access your situation properly and find a financial solution to best suit your needs and at the best finance rate, we can get you in the marketplace.


Bank Criteria – Nope, we don’t do that!

We know that no two customers are the same, and neither is their finance needs.

Whatever your personal requirements are, we most likely can help you – we normally just need confirmation that you’ve got regular income in place to service a loan.  And sure, you may have some bad credit, so tell us what it is and together we may be able to find the solution that’ll work.

Start here by applying online, or click the button above.

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