Chinese New Year

恭喜发财 (gōng xǐ fā cái) wish you wealth and prosperity. Happy Chinese New Year – a year of fortune and luck! Year of the rat 🙂

Spring Festival

Chinese New Year officially begins on January 25th, 2020, and ends on February 4th.

Lantern Festival

Preparations begin the 5th, and the Lantern Festival is held on February 8th.

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: New Year’s Eve (除夕—chúxì)

Depending on the moon cycle, New Year’s Eve either lands on the 29th or 30th of the lunar December. Regardless, this day is also known as the 30th of the year (大年三十—dà nián sān shí).

    • Lunar date
      December 30th (腊月三十—là yuè sān shí)
    • Solar (Gregorian) date
      January 24th, 2020
    • Activities & traditions
      The reunion dinner, the most important meal of the year, takes place on this day. After dinner, the children will receive red envelopes. The family will then stay up late and wait for the New Year (守岁—shǒu suì).
    • Food
      A feast of everyone’s favorites and specialties.

      : Spring Festival (春节—chūn jié)

      The original name for this day was Yuán Dàn (元旦), with Yuan meaning “the beginning.” However, Yuan Dan is now used to refer to the New Year of the solar calendar.

      • Lunar date
        January 1st (正月初一—zhēng yuè chū yī)
      • Solar (Gregorian) date
        January 25th, 2020
      • Activities & traditions
        Firecrackers start off a day of greetings and blessings between neighbors. There are no specific activities other than celebrating the New Year. The ancient Chinese record and analyze the weather, stars and moon to predict the fortunes of the year. The practice is known as zhàn suì (占岁).
      • Food
        In addition to food from last night, people can also celebrate with Tu Su wine (屠苏酒—tú sū jiǔ).
      • Superstitions & beliefs
        It is forbidden to sweep or clean on this day, else good fortune will be swept away.

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