Money in a Hurry

Need some quick cash?

Our loan approval process is fast and easy – we understand when you need money quickly, you really need it quickly…

So if you’ve got an emergency, or the rent is behind or whatever reason, as long as you can meet the loan repayments we’ll be glad to help you out.

As mentioned we have a very quick loan application process.  Typically you apply online in less than five minutes using our application form.  Then we review your application and come back to you with anything we need, like proof of income etc.  Together we agree on the terms of the loan, then the funds are paid to your account straight away.  All this can happen in just a few hours.

That’s right, most of our loans are processed the same day and with Internet banking being so efficient as it is, many of our clients receive their funds within just a few hours after applying.

At Auckland Loans, providing money in a hurry is what we do.  All you have to do is apply online:


Cash in a hurry
Cash in a hurry

Personal loans for just about anything

  • Emergency loan, dental/vet bills
  • New car, motorcycle, scooter – or other transport
  • Debt consolidation loans (our specialty)
  • Holiday, honeymoon or wedding coming up
  • Education loans for better employment opportunities
  • Home Improvements and DIY jobs around the home
  • Funeral expenses, when you need to contribute
  • Moving house loans, movers and bond loan
  • None of our business finance…  That’s right, as long as you can pay the loan back, we don’t really need to know what you need the cash for, i.e. a cosmetic procedure for example, well that’s kind of private for sure 🙂

Apply Today – our online loan application seriously takes less than five minutes.

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