Holiday Finance

Holiday Finance and Travel Loans

Do you keep putting off that much-needed trip because you need that extra cash to go where you really want? Or maybe you want to take the family on a wonderful holiday overseas? With an Auckland Loans holiday finance loan, you can take the break you and the family deserve.

Whether you are looking for a quick escape over to our Aussie neighbours or a round the world trip, planning your holiday is a lot less stressful when funds are available.

Typical Auckland Holiday Finance Loans travel loans are for:

  • Used to grab those cheap flights and hotels during specials
  • Used to pay for honeymoons and trips to see family abroad
  • For first-time family trips overseas – Fiji and Hawaii come to mind 🙂
  • For nice little getaways to Australia or the islands
  • For much-needed escapes to simply getaway from the daily grind

If you like the sound of that, we can finance the whole trip:

  • flights
  • accommodation
  • travel insurance
  • vehicle rentals
  • spending money

What are you waiting for?

So pack your bags and apply online for holiday finance today in less than five minutes!

Most of our holiday loans are processed the same day and with Internet banking being so efficient as it is, many of our clients receive their funds within just a few hours after applying.

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Holiday Finance
Holiday Finance

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