10 Fun Things to do on Christmas Day

Fun Ideas for Christmas Day

Three days away now and the presents will have been unwrapped, Christmas lunch eaten, the cleaning up done… so what then? How do you get the most out of your precious time as a family on Christmas Day? Here are 10 top ideas!

If your family usually settles onto the couch in a food coma after Christmas Day lunch, then maybe it’s time to change up the Christmas tradition! You won’t remember what presents you got, but you will remember the time you spent, so get busy and make some memories with these fun ideas.

1. Head to the park or beach

Playing cricket on Christmas Day is almost tradition, but if your family isn’t the cricketing type, then try a frisbee or throw a ball around. Team games such as tug of war, egg and spoon and three-legged races can be fun activities too, depending on how old your kids are. A New Zealand Christmas is typically hot, so why not get some relief from the heat and buy the family a set of water guns. Then split teams and call war!

2. Help the needy

There are so many wonderful charities that are desperate for volunteers this time of year, and what a better way to appreciate the true meaning of Christmas than selflessly giving to others? It might be serving food at a homeless shelter, visiting a retirement village, or giving presents at a children’s hospital.

3. Get out the board games

If it does decide to rain on Christmas Day, or it’s just too blinking hot to even think about an afternoon in the sun, then it’s time to get out the cards and board games. Pictionary, Monolopy and Uno are usually a hit, or if you don’t have any board games, try charades or secret celebrity or even a giant puzzle.

4. Take a hike

If the weather is tolerable, pack up the whole gang and head to one of our national parks.

5. Put on a show

Have the whole family reenact a scene from the Nativity or another favourite story or fairy tale. Get the whole family involved, including grandma and grandpa with guest roles, and the kids playing centre stage while someone narrates. Then, each Christmas you can add to the story – and will make great viewing entertainment for years to come!

10 ideas for Christmas Day Fun6. Make a photo booth

Paper a wall with leftover wrapping paper, hang a festive curtain, set up a camera and tripod and voila! You have your very own photo booth where the family can goof off.

Put a bunch of Christmassy themed dress-ups such as Santa hats, reindeer antlers, tinsel, baubles and silly sunglasses and you’ll have photos to treasure forever!

7. Reminisce

Unearth the old photo albums, movies and slideshows and take the time to tell your children about their great grandparents or cousins living overseas.

8. Set some goals

Encourage every member of the family to write a goal or what they hope to achieve in 2020. Then, save it in a special place until next Christmas.

9. Plan a treasure hunt

Plant some little ‘treasures’ such as small toys in the garden, draw up a map with directions and hide in one of the Christmas presents! Small children especially will love the thrill of finding a ‘secret’ map with buried treasure to be found as an extra Christmas surprise!

10. Get crafting!

Why not use this opportunity to cut up all the leftover wrapping paper, gift cards and Christmas cards before they get thrown away and make some cards for next year? All you need is some blank cardboard, glue, buttons, trimmings and imagination!

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